Push-Ups are Hard, Yo

Push-ups have always been a challenge for me.  I do think, however, they are one of those awesome simple exercises that can really take your arms from this:

to this:

There are several ways to mix up your push-up also.  One of those ways is to incorporate a tricep push-up.  This one takes the focus off your pecs and puts it into your shoulders and those flabs on the back of your arms.  And just like all the other push-ups, it keeps focus on your core.  Next time you are pushing, think about what your abs are doing.  You'll be surprised how much you can bring your core into pushing yourself up and down.  Tighten up that belly to make your whole body participate!

I still do a lot of push-ups on my knees, but general form all over is important.  If push-ups are ridiculous hard, your form may be out of whack.  Take a video of yourself and see how you look.  Is your butt way up in the air?  Are you dipping your head way down?  Are your arms tucked in?

Watch Chalene do it right!

Now get down and give me 20!

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