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Hi, there!  I'm Lisa.  Welcome to Happy in Your Health!  I'm totally glad you are here.

I am a health and wellness coach.  I've created this space as a place to explore my successes and failures at finding a way to a healthy lifestyle.  I have a deep curiosity for finding that magical life balance of fitness, good nutrition, and fun!  I use plant-based eating, running, Beachbody fitness programs, and good old fashioned learning to keep myself happy and healthy.

I'm definitely not perfect and hope to share some of my experiences that can help you on your journey too.

Selfie sticks are awesome.

My Story:

I'm just a regular old lady like most old ladies out there.  My story will always be evolving - I feel this is just how life works.  But, for the sake of a biography, here is a little about me.

I'm pretty sure I grew up just like any other kid.  Family, working parents, and all the typical Saturday morning cartoons.  Fitness or health have never even been a thing in my up-bringing.  Actually, I was told that I was just "big-boned" all my life.  I am going to guess this is part of why I made zero attempts at a workout routine and shied away from anything athletic.  

Lucky for this girl, I married a great guy and we have two crazy ridiculous kiddos.  I started the stay-at-home mom gig after moving to Texas when I was pregnant with the first bean (wonderful gig if I might add).  I didn't spend a lot of time doing much of anything.  I didn't know anyone and Netflix and I quickly became best friends.  I did manage to get some what of an outside life, but a girl can't leave her best friend behind.  After having my second bean, I dug back into binge watching and came across a plethora of food documentaries on Netflix.  I started to watch.  And then I started to cry.  I don't feel like my life has a lot of turning point moments, but this one was definitely just that.  

I can't even remember which documentary it was, but I specifically remember being curled up in a ball watching in disbelief as they scrolled through a countless number of names that ping-ponged back and forth from government agencies to BigAg and huge food companies.  The government that is supposed to watch out and regulate our food were deep routed in the companies that were trying to control our food.  Scary.

It was then I decided it was time to take more of an initiative on what I put in my own body and my family's bodies.  My children are small and it is completely up to me to protect them and do what is best for their development.  I started to read more and watch more - not just in books and on television, but what I was bringing into the kitchen.

For me, this eventually led to our family adopting a plant-based diet (and as you have learned or will learn, I despise the word "diet", but there is just no other word that describes "what I eat").  As the process has evolved for me, I am also learning more about veganism.  My family's health is the top priority, but I also am learning that I can also have compassion for animals as well.  There are some horrific things happening to animals in the world today and I can choose not to contribute to those things.

During this time, I also realized it was time I start getting up and moving my butt around too.  I joined our gym and started working out with Beachbody.

And here I am today.  I am not perfect.  I do not have it all figured out.  I am still learning.  Everyday I work hard towards doing right by my body, family, and environment.  Some times I screw up and some times I don't get it right.  But I'm not going to quit because as I said before, it's still my story and I'm still working on it.

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