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It's Always Something, right?

Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us often.  Fate, dumb luck, God's will, karma, or just the way the cookie crumbles...whatever you call it, we can all agree that it happens to every one of us.

Last month I had surgery. Last week I had the flu. My iPad keeps crashing as I type this....Seriously. Five times.

How many times do you end up telling yourself "I should do this or that."?  And then you also give yourself an out.  "But this happened.  And then this."  And then you make promises to yourself you know you won't keep.  "I'll start after this thing happens.  It will be easier once this thing is done."


Those curve balls are going to continue to keep coming at you and it may or may not get any easier.

This applies to every aspect of your life, but I am mostly talking about fitness here.  Why?  Because it's valuable.  I know fitness is on your "should" list and you really don't need me to tell you why…

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