Looks like some one has a case of the Mondays...


In my head, Mondays are a fun, magical day filled with infinite possibilities.  Mondays are a golden opportunity to get the week started on the right foot, get things done, and make yourself feel proud.  Mondays are like the reset button for a whole new week of go-get-em.

And then Monday actually gets here and I'm like, "Seriously?  We have to do this again?"

It's hard to get motivated and still hard to stay motivated.  For anything.  Isn't that lovely motivation for you if you aren't motivated?

It's just the truth.  Every one needs a pat on the back, a push on the tush, or a swift smack upside the head.  It's also the truth, that once you become motivated, it's a hell of a lot easier to keep going.  So, decide what it is for you that will keep you going.  Recognize what you need.  It's OK to know you need some nice words to push you in the right direction, and it's OK to know you need some one to give you the stink eye to get started.

This morning I came across this.  I do think it's a little harsh, but some days I just need to hear it straight. 

I only have a few days left to prepare the fam for our long weekend trip, tackle my ever growing to-do list, finish my book club read, squeeze in some work, keep my workouts in, and stick to my 10K training schedule.

I guess it's my ass.  I better move it.

What do you need to get moving?

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