Sticker Charts: For You!

I love sticker charts.  My kids love them too.  We need more of them because they WORK!

My kiddos don't always like to finish their dinner and I don't like to force it.  They also know that if they do finish, they get a sticker on their dinner chart.  And if they get the pre-determined amount (decided together at the creation of the chart) they get to pick out anything they want from the dollar store.  This is motivation for them.  It works.  Win for them and win for me.

Sticker charts are awesome for adults too.  I love them.  I like to see that smiley face looking at me telling me what a good job I did!  I know it does kind of sound childish, selfish, and stupid.  However, I think if it works for me then it works and that's all the proof I need.  My kids do need the end reward after filling the chart, but the stickers are enough for me.  It feels good to fill it up and take pride in all the hard work I put in and to see myself keep that consistency!

Getting your body really moving every day is hard.  It takes planning, time, sweat, and something else deep down inside you to lace up those shoes.  I've said it before, but once you do it, you feel that positive reward in your mind and body.  And those stickers become icing on the cake (I need a better metaphor here so we aren't all thinking of icing and cake....peanut butter on the banana?).

So, how do you get started putting this accountability program in place?  Here's a step by step:

1.  Figure out what you are going to do every day.  Yep.  Probably the hardest part.  Start simple.  Need some suggestions?

- The Current March Beachbody Challenge Pack: T25 and Turbo Fire
(These offers end April 1st! Check out the current sales by clicking here.)
- Run or Walk:  Here is a Couch to 5k Program, but google for more!
-Join a Gym or Yoga Studio:  A lot of gyms have classes and don't be shy about grabbing those dumbbells!

2.  Print out your calendar.  Open google calendar or whatever you use and print out the monthly view for the next 30 days.  Or longer.  Type or write in what your plan or goal is every day.  

I'm currently doing P90X3, so my calendar looks like this:

If you do choose to find a program with the On Demand service, you will have access to the calendars and if you need others, let me know and I can help you create one!

3.  Get those stickers!  They don't have to be fancy or even grown up - be silly!  Everywhere has stickers.  The Dollar Store, Target, your kid's coloring box...

I snagged these from kids:

4.  Hang it up!  Put it front and center on your fridge.  YES.  Do it.  You want it where you can see it every day, not tucked in a drawer.  Be proud of it.  Own it!

5.  Work out just so you can get that first sticker on there!  Once you start, you will be amazed at how you feel such a sense of accomplishment when you start to fill it up.  And if you miss a day or two?  So what!  You're chart will be surrounded by those smiley faces telling you how much you've done overall.

What a wonderful feeling.

You can't even tell I missed three days straight, can you?!  Look at all those lovelies smiling at me!

I'm almost done filling up my chart and I will be printing off a new one soon.  Only a week and half before I can pick out anything I want at the dollar store too.

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