Happy Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day.  A special day to recognize our planet and the impact we have on the place we all live.  Honestly, we should be thinking about this every day.  Every day we contribute to using up resources on this Earth.  It's hard to really grasp this concept since we may never truly feel the effects of how we negatively impact things around us in our lifetime.

I do think that having kids helps me think about this more.  What will this environment look like when my kids are grown?  What issues will they be facing when they are taking care of their children?

Even if saving the planet seems hippie to you, at least take some time to give it some thought today.  How do you impact the planet?  We all leave a mark.

Here are a few resources that can help you get the conversation started with your family.

Watch a Documentary:  Cowspiracy is available for digital download for only $1 today.  Just click on the orange bar at the top.
Netflix also has several documentaries on how we have an impact: No Impact Man (I haven't seen this one yet, but am intrigued!), Tapped, Gasland and I'm sure there are more.

Read about how your eating habits affect the planet - our Land, Air, and Water.

Enjoy pictures of our beautiful planet with help from NASA.
Click here for their Facebook page of people sharing their photos of #NoPlaceLikeHome
View some spectacular images of Earth from NASA.

Find some activities for you or your family to participate in.  You can pick up litter, reduce your consumption of trash or plastic, drive a little less today, or do a search for an activity in your city.

We only get one planet; treat it well.  Well, unless you've already bought a ticket to Mars.

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