Eat Vegan for a Day!

Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  I am so ready.  Flowers, fresh air, warm weather, and sunshine.  A girl can dream, right?

Tomorrow is also National Meatout Day!  What's this you ask?  For the past 30 years, the Farm Animal Rights movement has sponsored this event to encourage people to eat vegan for just one day.  The goal is promote awareness of animal rights, the health benefits of eating vegan, and how our food choices affect our environment.  You can find more about the movement and take the pledge on their website by clicking here.

Eating a vegan diet is something that I've been doing for a little over three years.  I have many reasons for eating this way, but it is definitely become something I feel very passionate about.

Eating vegan saves animals, conserves water, and reduces your cholesterol just to name a few benefits.  To everyone, whether you know me or not, consider taking this one day to experience vegan eating for yourself.

Here are some resources to help you out and get you prepared!

Get the Recipes for Cooking Vegan by Clicking HERE
Get Recipes for Ambitious Vegan by Clicking HERE

*The whole purpose of my blog is to lead a healthful lifestyle.  I want to mention that I don't recommend eating dessert every night, eating a lot of processed food, or consuming too much sugar.  I do, however, want every one to see how much variety that is available!  Use your best judgement and treat your body well!

Now, if you are still reading I'd love to share a few of the reasons why being vegan is important to me.

Health:  I became vegan slowly and truly only in the interest of my health.  I watched the documentary Food Matters and it kind of started exploding from there.  If you have not seen this film - I highly recommend it.  You can view it on Netflix (anyone want some vegan grub and a screening in my media room?!).  This film opened my eyes to see how my health was affected from my food choices and how all the things I'd known and been taught from childhood were just so far from the truth.  I am still in shock over how much propaganda that our government spews when it comes to our food and our food sources.  I decided it was time I took responsibility for my well being.

Environment:  Over time I have learned a lot about how food affects our bodies and more importantly how certain food affects my body (we are all unique!).  I have also learned how much the environment is impacted by our food choices.  I am not going to start listing out data and numbers to you, but they are out there.  One day I'll compile a list of that too.  I'm not a researcher, but there are plenty of others out there doing the work for me.  It's amazing and sad to learn how much food waste we have when people are starving, how much our limited resources are being spent, and how all of this is flying well below the radar of the main stream.

Animal Rights:  Call me a hippie.  I do not care.  The last thing that I thought about when I went vegan was helping animals.  That definitely has changed.  This topic is now one of the absolute MAIN reasons I remain a vegan.  I believe you when you say "Oh, I could never give up cheese." Or, "But, bacon".  I get it.  It would probably make me sick to eat it now, but I totally get it.  The thing that I DO NOT get, is how you can eat a pig that is smarter than your 2 year old, or be OK with eating something that has stood in a pin where it cannot sit or turn around it's entire life.  Most people just "check out" or don't want to think about where their food comes from.  Why?  Part of being a compassionate person is to be compassionate to all living creatures.  It's so hard for me to articulately get this point across.  I don't feel as if I can ever say it the way I feel it as deeply in my soul.
I did come across this article yesterday, and it comes very close to communicating how I feel.  I urge you to read it in it's entirety.  Please.
God gave us dominion over all the Earth and it's living beings.  Dominion does not equal dominance.  Dominion does not mean causing pain to other sentient beings.  We are here to love.  LOVE.

For whatever reason you choose, I hope that you learn some thing new or have at least one amazing experience as a vegan for a day!


If you are interested in learning more about plant-based living, check out my recent post on resources for learning by clicking here.

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