New Month New Challenge

I just finished up my first round of Body Beast!  YAS.  I feel strong and am so proud of myself for finishing.  Here are a few things I've learned:

  • You can usually lift more than you think you can!
  • I need to get more weights.
  • Building muscle takes food.  Good food.
  • I need to get better - a lot better at taking before and after pictures!

Now that I've finished (check out my progress at the bottom of my post!), it's time for something new!  That's right - consistency means showing up every day.  So, it's time for another challenge.

My kids have Spring Break next week...for real. And since the weather was 85 degrees last week, it's hard for me to protest.  The good news is, it's the perfect segwue into a dorky theme for fitness!

Spring by lisakmanchee

I'll be enjoying my spring break with the hubby and kiddos between now and our start date WITH my daily routine of Beachbody On Demand.  It's the perfect way to sample all the amazing programs so I can plan which routine I will start on March 13th!

Are you ready to get your body back into a healthy routine?  I'd love to support you!  I have an amazing group filling up and I'm thinking this time around there may be some fun prizes involved!  Sign up here!

If you are unfamiliar with challenge groups, let me give you a quick rundown.

What are challenge groups?
A small group of people working toward similar health and fitness goals. The group is facilitated by me! I am there to hold you accountable, so you actually make progress! We communicate daily. We share our struggles and successes. I give you all the tools you need to take a huge step forward towards your goals.

What do I have to do during the challenge?
You participate! For 21 days, you workout and pay attention to your nutrition. Most importantly, you LEARN what systems work for you. You learn how nutrition affects your body. And you learn how to be confident in who you already ARE.

How do I know this kind of group will work for me?
The only way to answer this, is to TRY. What are you doing now with your health and fitness? Is it working for you? Perhaps it's time for a new approach. These groups work for ME and have been the foundation of my consistency. These groups work for all my previous challengers - and they keep coming back for more. Community works!

How do I join? Just click here to contact me. I am always happy to answer questions and chat about the group. My goals are to help you accomplish your goals!

Need another example of how these groups keep me consistent? Let me tell you about me and BODY BEAST!

I started Body Beast back in November and was able to up my weights after Santa was good to me at Christmas.  I had to take about week or so off for surgery at the beginning of February, but finished up right around the end of February.  How did I do?

Amazing.  I maintained my weight - after going UP about 500 calories.  I lost TWO inches on my waist.  I gained 1/2" on my biceps AND my calves.  The best part is that I can FEEL how much stronger and tighter my muscles are in my thighs, arms, and abs.  The program has an option to cut calories towards the end of the program, which I didn't do.  I am willing to bet that if I had, I would have been able to see even more definition.

I do need to take better before and afters, but I don't want that to stop me from sharing how this works for me!  Let this be a lesson to take those pictures (especially for me!).

Body Beast by lisakmanchee

I challenge you to join the challenge!  The only way to see results is to start!

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