It's Always Something, right?

Life has a funny way of throwing curve balls at us often.  Fate, dumb luck, God's will, karma, or just the way the cookie crumbles...whatever you call it, we can all agree that it happens to every one of us.

Last month I had surgery. Last week I had the flu. My iPad keeps crashing as I type this....Seriously. Five times.

How many times do you end up telling yourself "I should do this or that."?  And then you also give yourself an out.  "But this happened.  And then this."  And then you make promises to yourself you know you won't keep.  "I'll start after this thing happens.  It will be easier once this thing is done."


Those curve balls are going to continue to keep coming at you and it may or may not get any easier.

This applies to every aspect of your life, but I am mostly talking about fitness here.  Why?  Because it's valuable.  I know fitness is on your "should" list and you really don't need me to tell you why.  I get why it's easy to it put on the back burner.  None of your little people are going to whine about you not getting in your fitness for the day.  In fact, the exact opposite may happen.

Cliche warning ->

No matter what life is throwing you - perspective is everything. Even when you have the worst reality ahead of you.

Perspective can mean the difference between lacing up your shoes today and wishing you had started yesterday. It can be what keeps you going when your own father tells you that you just can't do it. Perspective can be what gets the workout clothes on your body instead of crying over your fifth donut.

I completely understand that shit happens and we feel shitty. I experience that often.

What I also experience is how life also keeps going even when we wish it would just pause.  Even for a moment to catch our breath.

Time stops for no one. So what do you do?  You get perspective.  And you push forward.

Great. Thanks. (I can hear your sarcasm.)

So, how do you get this perspective that will magically make all the shitty shit disappear?  Well, first, it doesn't disappear. You deal. Just a little differently.

Dealing 101

Understand (and remember) that everyone deals differently and what worked for you yesterday might not work for you today.  Have an arsenal.  Weapons to fight the good fight.

My arsenal:

My Fitness Challenge Groups.  This is absolutely the number one thing that has kept my sanity and given me consistency.  I've been participating and running challenge groups for over three years.  I can't even explain properly how having this community has helped me so much.  It's something you have to experience at least once.

From One of My Current Challengers.  Habit changing in action.

A Journal. I keep a notebook of everything. It contains everything from my calendar, wish lists, workout sticker charts, and private thoughts to my favorite Cinnaholic flavors.

Friends. This one is hard. I don't like to dump on all my friends all the time. I don't see them as often as I'd like and as often as I think I should.  We are all going through shit and the longer we spend time apart the more we think we aren't experiencing the same shit.

Fitness Friends. Not all of my friends are as into fitness as I am. That's cool. But I need a space I can take a sweaty selfie and rant about how good it felt to get my fitness in.  I need more of these people in my life.

Alone Time. I will admit that I think this is way at the top of my list. I go to Starbucks about twice a month to write in my journal, drink coffee, and lose track of time.  It's beautiful.

Date Night. My husband travels a lot. We don't really communicate as often as we should. Our nights out as adults are few and far between, but it's always a good feeling of relief when it happens.

Stickers. Yep. I'm five. But I love a good sticker chart. It gives me something pretty to shoot for. Every day that I can fill in feels good. That reward keeps me going for the next one, even when my motivation is low.

Isn't it beautiful?

Self-Help Genre
. Podcasts, books, memes. Whatever. The talk you surround yourself with can dictate a lot of your own inner dialogue.  Call this personal development if it makes you feel less woo-woo. It's important to keep learning about yourself and to keep working on yourself.

Laughter. This one so much. It can be hard to find some times, but it feels so good. Movies, surfing internet memes, even sharing a family watching party of AFV re-runs.

Outside. The fresh air, even in the cold, can help. Stuffing yourself inside a box for too long can take a toll on your body. You need vitamin D. And the sun and supplements are the only way to get it.  Take a deep breath.

What are you giving yourself to push yourself forward instead of continually making excuses?

Life is going to happen whether you want it to or not.  It may not go the way you had envisioned.  That is not a reason to throw in the towel, wait for the "perfect" moment, or postpone your fitness indefinitely.

There is only one you.  Take the time to take care of yourself.  It will be worth it.

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