As I mentioned in my last post, I've STARTED. I'm on day 5 of the 21 Day Fix and that body hurt thing has definitely set it. However, I am already seeing a difference.

I'm down 4 pounds.

I'm getting up and going in the morning every day. 

My nutrition is getting cleaned up. 

I'm planning ahead. 

I will admit it's been hard. But what isn't when you start something new?  I'm remembering why I started and where I want to go. 

Today was Cardio. I discovered that I need to invest in a sweat band. Or two.

This move is called something like crazy booty burn.  You can see the burn in my face. I love it. 

I've also been doing the 10 Minute Abs every day too. It's only 10 minutes, so why not?  You know those 30 day ab and butt challenges you see all over Pinterest?  I have wasted so much paper printing those off. I have never even started a single one. But I'm 5 days into this bad boy.

My nutrition is also getting back to where it should be. The 21 Day Fix does come with containers and a meal plan which is super easy to follow. I'm not even following it exactly and I'm still seeing results. Amazing. 

Change is challenging. I'm right there. Where are you?

Come join me and see what change can happen for you. 

There are a few more days to give the FIX on sale. I've got a spot for you to experience the change you've been wanting!  Click here to see the details and hit me up with any questions!  

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