Hey, Tony. I'm Back!

I completed a round of P90X3 a while ago and it was by far, one of the best programs I've tried.  If you are curious, just play around on google or youtube for some sneak peaks.  Tony is awesome.  He does have a quirky personality, but that's part of what makes him so fun to work out with!

I started my new round of P90X3 today and am determined to go 90 days strong (this time I've picked the "mass" schedule, so I have to admit I'm a little nervous!).  I love that I can say I am determined with confidence.

I started working out with Beachbody programs about a little more than a year ago.  After completing a round of T25, I was so happy I found something that actually works!  Lots of folks I talk to are so hesitant to learn what the programs can do for them.  I encourage you to learn and feed your curiosity.  I am not a fitness or nutrition expert.  I am just like every one else who is looking for a way to lead a healthy life style!  Here are just some of the benefits I've been so thankful for over the past year:

- The programs are SPECIFIC.  Do the work out.  You are done.  The end.
- The programs and coaches provide so much help with nutrition!
- You decide you will do it, commit to it, and it WORKS.
- No gym required.  My kids even have learned some moves and are interested in being healthy!
- I've gained new friends that are just as interested in being healthy and support me in my journey.  No negative Nancys here!
- Shakeology - Yum and easy nutrition.

Again, those are just some of the benefits.  The programs work.  I used to be a beginner and some times still consider myself very much a beginner, but they have kept me going this long!  There are no fad diets here, no scary pills or appetite suppressants.  Plenty of support.

I encourage you to think about your health.  What do you want for yourself?  I wanted a change.  A real change.  A commitment to my well being.  There are no quick fixes.  It does take hard work.  But if you want a formula that works - this is it.  No joke.

So, I am ready to let Tony keep me going for the next 90 days!

If you are ready (and even if you aren't just quite sure yet), I would love to help get or keep you going.  Send me a message so I can help you make that change you are looking for!

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