Who is Supporting You?

I've been MIA for a few weeks due to (a much needed) vacation and then a trip to participate in my first ever 10K.

It was awesome.  And even though I was scared out of my wits for most of the days leading up to it and the morning of, I always knew I could do it.  My sure confidence came from SUPPORT!  Not only did I have the encouragement from my close family and friends, but I had constant motivation from my siblings.  You see, they were my team!  We all ran the race together and I'm just not so sure I could have pushed myself so far if it were just me.

They were open to hearing all my fears and my constant updates.  "I ran 3.74 miles today!  In the wind!  With the heat!"....I loved having a place to go so that I could feel proud of myself and still not feel like a jerk for sharing my achievements and even better when I could go to get a boost after some setbacks.

It feels much more comfortable to share things with people who have similar interest, goals, and attitudes.  Good friends will nod and smile with you, but having a friend that doesn't have eyes that glaze over when you talk about shin splints is fantabulous.  Especially when you are doing something you've never done before!

Do you have a friend that keeps you motivated?  Accountable?  Helps you when you are down?  How do you share your goals with others?  Do you share them?

Having some one hold you accountable can increase the likelihood you will stick with your program and keep building on those healthy habits.  There are stats out there to prove it.  I will work on finding those, but you know it's true too.  :)

If you want to get started and don't know where to start (or just want to be a part of something awesome), I am here for YOU!

Here's the deal:

I will be starting a group of folks that want to get in shape, keep in shape, and build healthy habits.  I will be one of them too!  We will spend about 10 weeks or so communicating via Facebook to stay motivated.  I will be there to SUPPORT you!

What you have to do:

Commit to any program or work out regime you like.  Pick a routine you will do on your own, 5 days a week, for around 10 weeks.
Make healthy diet choices everyday.
Post every once in a while on the Facebook page.
Have a positive attitude!

There are a plethora of programs I can help you choose and I can also help you find the right meal plan, or point you in the right direction if you need.  The first step is saying "YES!  I will be a part of making healthy decisions for myself!"

Let's cross this finish line TOGETHER!

(This is the only photo I have currently of all four of us!  Note to self:  Take better photos before the race!)

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