Here's A Gym Gem

As you may have guessed, I frequent the gym.  I've been going pretty regularly for about 3 years now.  I like to people watch.  A lot like the airport, but these people... well, most of them, are really working hard.  I see people doing a lot of interesting things.

Some like to talk on the phone, others are able to read tiny print from a book while on a machine, some do things that make me wonder if I could ever do what they are doing.  Most likely, not....

There is one thing that I noticed yesterday that I actually see quite often:   Holding onto the treadmill.

[I am not a professional trainer by any means, and I completely applaud everyone for getting out and doing anything active.  Those folks on the treadmill are certainly lapping everyone on the couch.]

However, if you are going to put forth the effort, get the most out of it!  Resting your arms on the treadmill transfers the weight off your legs and core.  Working those things are why you got on that hamster wheel in the first place, right?

Now, I am not suggesting you do this.

What I am suggesting is that you pay attention to your body!  You can tell the difference of how your body is working when you hang on and when you let your arms work with you.  Work hard and your body will get better every time you get those legs back on the track.

At the very least you can say "Look, Ma!  No hands!" and not get into any trouble.

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