Holy Schnikes.  It's been too long since I've gotten on my bloggy soap box.  But man, do I have something to say now.


Beachbody has really hit it with this one.  They have released the best On Demand package you can get.  It really is AMAZEBALLS.

  • Digital access 24/7 on nearly any device.
  • Access to EVERY.  SINGLE. PROGRAM.  Even anything new that comes out this year.
  • Portion Fix containers and guide.  Get that nutrition on straight, yo.
  • 30 Days of Shakeology included.  Been too scared to loosen those purse strings for the good stuff?  Now's the time.
  • Me as your coach.  Holla.

There is seriously no excuse not to get your fitness on.  You have a leg up on 2017 goals.  This deal is better than any gym, subscription, or coach you could get your hands on.  You know you don't like driving to the gym.  You know you don't want to grind and sweat in front of 178 other new year's resolution strangers.  Don't even give me that line about "I can't workout at home."  Um.  Yes, you can.  And you'll get damn better results pressing play with Beachbody's programs than you will chatting it up, taking selfies, and pretending to know what you're doing on all those machines.

The time is now.  You CAN decide.  You CAN commit.  You CAN succeed.  We've got the tools.  I've got your motivation.  All you have to do is press play!

Send me a message and I will get you all set up and ready to get healthier this year!

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