Spring is here, but it feels like summer! That means it's totally time to get ready to be proud of that body you're in!  In Texas, it gets H O T.  That means shorts, tanks, copious amounts of pool time and swim suits.  Yep.

Winter didn't really amount to much around these parts, but my own winter "coat" still managed to show up.  I am not too worried about it and if you are in the same boat, you shouldn't be either.  Why?

Because we are both READY to shed the excess and feel confident for summer!  Most of the pools around here open close to the beginning of May (especially if this weather continues to stay warm!).  That means you've got about a month to get yourself to shape up!

NOW is the time to get started!

I've spent days at the pool when I am just so uncomfortable in my own skin that I cannot even enjoy the day with my kiddos.  I'd rather wear myself out playing with my children than being exhausted from the anxiety and pretending I'm just fine.  This summer, we can change that and be proud of the work we put into making our bodies healthy and happy!

Starting March 28th, the challenge begins!  We will also spend a few days prior preparing and getting our minds and kitchens ready.  

This will be a 30 day commitment with accountability, motivation, and support.  This challenge is for those are SERIOUSLY ready and COMMITTED to Shape Up!

Here are the details!

  • 30 days
  • 30 minutes of fitness
  • daily support
  • motivation
  • meal planning support
  • prizes!

Are you ready to take your health seriously?  I have a limited amount of spots open for this group.  When it's full, I can put you on the waiting list for the next group!  

Requirements for participating in the group:

  • I must be your Beachbody coach
  • You are committed to the group
  • I will help you decide on a fitness program that suits your needs and set measurable goals
  • You are committed to drink Shakeology for the length of the challenge
  • I will be here to support, coach, and motivate you!  The only cost for you is that of the program and Shakeology of your choosing.

Don't wait until pool opening day to decide you wish you had started sooner.  If you are READY to make things happen, then be a part of the SUMMER SHAPE UP!

Reserve Your Spot!

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