Does 21 Day Fix Really Work?

I know most people see the fitness or health related infomercials and are inundated with Facebook posts about how they have never looked or felt better because of their magic product.  I also know, ok so I don't really know, but I am pretty damn sure that when folks see all those they gloss right over and think of how none of that stuff actually would do any bit of good for them.

I would agree with you about 99% of the time.  Especially when there is a magic drink or pill that does all the work.  Story for another time.

That 1% of the time when I will say some of this stuff actually works is when you find a program that works for you.  Ok, I realize that this statement is kind of ridiculous and unspecific, but duh it's true.

The hard part about all these people shouting about their "product" is that there are so many choices and every one claims that their's is undoubtedly The One.  There is no way for you to know if their praises would ring true for you unless you tried it and we are not ready to part with our cash for a maybe.  If it really did work, then why isn't every person doing it?

So...what do you do?

You have to do your homework.  And I don't mean just searching for countless reviews and other people's experiences via google.  I mean homework on yourself.

What is it that you are looking for?  What are you willing to do?  What are the results you want?  Are you willing to make changes?

Be honest.

If you are only willing to pop a pill, then there's a program for you.  (ps.  I can't help you with that.)

If you are ready to work your ass off, then there's a program for you too.  It's called the 21 Day Fix.

I've tried several Beachbody programs and each one is very different.  Not all of the programs are for everyone and not all of the programs will meet every need.  This one worked for me.  I wasn't sure if it would, but there's only one way to find out.

I started this as a way to get back on track from an incredibly indulgent vacation.  I wasn't looking to get ripped or lose 50 pounds.  I just wanted to feel good - fast.  I am a firm believer that there are no quick fixes, so this is as "fast" as I feel like I can get it!

Here are a few gems that I think are important to know about this particular program if you want to see results:

  • You must COMMIT.  These workouts are EVERY day.  7 days a week for 21 Days.
  • To get amazing results you should consider taking it to the max - I did the doubles the last week of the program.  That's TWO workouts, for a total of one hour a day for 7 days.  Well, the last day is only yoga so bonus.
  • I also committed to the 10 minute ab fix EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I did this for 21 days straight.  I have no idea if it was necessary, but I seriously doubt an extra 10 minutes was counter-productive.
  • You must commit.
  • Take your nutrition seriously.  The guides are wonderful.  The containers are wonderful.  Use them.
  • Nutrition is at least 80% of getting into good health.  This is true regardless of fitness routine.
  • Know your body and fuel your body.  I absolutely did not eat the calorie range the program suggested.  I know what a better range was for me and adjusted accordingly.
  • Track your food.  Seriously.
  • Don't quit.  The workouts are only 30 minutes.  
  • Push yourself.  A lot of the workouts have moves that last for 1 minute.  That is forever when you are doing something you feel like you can't do.  Do it anyway.  
  • If you have to modify, TRY the harder way mid-way or next round.  Go back and forth.  Keep trying it and pushing yourself to get better.  By the end of it I was able to do many of the exercises full on with weights that I couldn't do at the beginning.
This program is hard work.  It takes effort.  It takes commitment.  You will work your booty off.

Here are few things I really enjoyed about the program:

  • The workouts are only 30 minutes a day.  This helped me commit to the additional 10 minutes abs everyday.
  • The workouts went by fast.  A lot of the workouts were designed around sets and moves that lasted 1 minute.  This helped things go by fast.
  • It incorporated weights alone and with cardio.
  • Modifications aplenty.
  • The containers are super helpful in learning portions, reminders, and keeping my food in check.
  • I felt like I could keep going with the program when I was done with the 21 days.  And I actually did more workouts after I was done the next few days before I started a new routine.
  • I felt stronger and I got teeny tiny abs (which I could see only laying down and which are now gone thanks to birthday cake).
What were my results?

I felt awesome after 21 days!  I didn't have specific weight or measurement goals so I didn't take any numbers (plus I was on vacation at the beach, so I didn't even have access to a scale anyway).  I did snap a few terrible photos, but I can't not show off the one time in my life I've seen any resemblance of abs!

I will say that taking measurements is a great way to record your results, so I do recommend this.  However, if you just can't bare to look then don't worry about it.  Numbers can be scary and the whole point of fitness is to FEEL good.  If you are feeling good in your own skin, then you are winning.


I like this program.  It's no magic pill and it will take hard work and commitment.  I think that it's a pretty good fit for a variety of fitness levels.  It forces you to commit and has options to take it up a notch with the doubles and 10 minute ab fix.  The nutrition guide is helpful.  I saw results in 21 days and felt good at the finish.  

Will it work for you?  I can't say with certainty, but I can say that if you do nothing you will get nothing.  

Take a step towards making yourself feel good.  Do something today, even it's one tiny step.  You'll never be sorry you did!

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