Want to take "Meatless Monday" one step further?

I'm a big fan of themes for dinner. It totally helps with planning and can make the kiddos all that more excited about actually eating. The littles in our house have a slight issue with casseroles and any dish where the food touches...Lord forbid.

We've instituted "Super Bowl Sunday" to help us. This gives the kids some consistency with trying our food mixed together and eases my stress of what to make. Throw a few ingredients in a bowl and call it a night. I've read that kids need to experience a food like 27 times before they get used to it. 27 times.  27.  

For a lot of families they will use the "Meatless Monday" theme. If you know me, every day is meatless Monday at our house. However, I do completely support any efforts to try out veggie meals any time!  I know the thought of taking the meat out of a meal is scary for a lot of folks simply because it's what they've always known. I was the same. Growing up, for nearly 31 years, all I've known is a plate of meat, starch, and veg. I know it's hard to break free from that standard plate. As I've learned more about food over the past few years, I've come to realize that approach is actually quite boring. I have an incredibly more diverse, interesting, and varied diet than I could have imagined!  Not only have I learned about so many more yummy foods, but those foods are actually healthy for me!  

Take a peak at this article for some tips on how to take the meat-free Monday one step further. There are many more resources out there, but this will give you a taste of what could be out there for you. 

If you don't already have a meat free day, or are just looking for something different, I encourage you to try a food you've never tried before that is healthy for you. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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